You might have experienced different behaviors regarding creating and associating records in subgrids. We all know that by clicking the + button in the upper right hand corner of the subgrid, one can either create a new record, or add an existing or associate a record. In this blog, we will talk about this behavior in the subgrid.


As you know, clicking the + button in the subgrid will either get you a lookup field or a new record form. The reason behind this behavior is dependent on the parent-child relationship. For example, if we have a Case subgrid in Contact form, we will want the + button to create a new case record. Whereas if we have a Contact subgrid in Account form, we will just want to associate an existing Contact record.

We can control this behavior by setting the “Field Requirement” option of the field of the child entity. If the lookup field for the parent is required, the user will get a “new record” form. If it’s not required, user will get the lookup field to “add existing”.

In the example above (Child – Case : Parent – Contact), we can trigger a new case record by looking into the child entity’s lookup field requirement. As we can see in the screenshot below, it is business required. That’s why it pops a new record form.

client cases

creating and associating records in subgrid

You can try the other scenario (add existing) to play around with it.  It is really good to know this behavior of subgrid associating and creating of records to meet your client’s requirement.