Most of the time, customers are becoming visual and meticulous in analyzing charts that they want it to be more understandable and pleasing once they see them. In addition, they do like appealing graphic content as this adds value to user experience.

I have had a requirement in my previous projects wherein customers would like the default 2D charts in CRM converted to 3D charts.

3D charts

Please take note of the following:

  1. This is applicable in CRM 2011 / 2013 / 2015 / 2016 Online and On-Premise.
  2. You should have a System Administrator / System Customizer or any custom role that could configure the solution

Steps to Convert 2D charts to 3D

  1. Navigate to CRM Settings > Solutions > Click the solution you would like the chart to be added.
  2. On the left pane of the solution window, under Components > Entities, click the entity (i.e. Account) and go to Charts.
  3. Click the New button right after the charts view is rendered on the screen.

charts view

  1. Create the elements of the chart. Click Save button.

create the elements of the chart

  1. Click Publish All Customizations button to have the changes take effect.

publishing customizations

  1. Check the chart on the Account entity. You should see the 2D chart be default.

account entity

  1. To convert the chart, Export the chart. Download the XML file.

import chart (2)

  1. Open the XML file. Inside the Chart Area, add the line that has this tag:

<Area3DStyle Enable3D=”True” />

Save the changes.

saving the changes

  1. Import the updated XML file.

imort updated XML file

import chart

  1. Click Replace button.

duplicate found

  1. Click Close.

import chart 2

  1. Publish the changes in the solution.

publish changes

publishing customizations 2

  1. Check the chart on the Account entity. You should see the default 2D chart converted to 3D.

chart on the accoutn entity

You may also want to add more properties on your ChartArea3DStyle. Below is the table for the list of available properties you can associate with your 3D Chart.


Name Description
Enable3D Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the flag toggles the 3D on and off for a chart area.
Inclination Gets or sets the angle of rotation around the horizontal axes for 3D chart areas.
IsClustered Gets or sets a flag that determines whether data series for a bar or column chart are clustered; that is, displayed along distinct rows.
IsRightAngleAxes Gets or sets a flag that determines whether a chart area is displayed using an isometric projection.
LightStyle Gets or sets the type of lighting for a 3D chart area.
Perspective Gets or sets the percent of perspective for a 3D chart area.
PointDepth Gets or sets the depth of data points displayed in a 3D chart area.
PointGapDepth Gets or sets the distance between series rows in a 3D chart area.
Rotation Gets or sets the angle of rotation around the vertical axes for 3D chart areas.
WallWidth Gets or sets the width of the walls displayed in a 3D chart area.


By Default, charts in Dynamics CRM are built in 2D. However, it is noteworthy to consider that charts are not limited to its plain appearance. You could add 3D style which may suit your customer’s needs for better user experience when observing charts placed in dashboards and entity views.