Wow! It seems the list of new features in CRM 2016 is never ending. And I am not complaining!

Let’s discuss one of them here today.

So we all know what business rules are and what a business process is in Dynamics CRM. Ever since they were introduced in 2013, they’ve worked great individually. But whenever we wanted to define and execute business rules based on business processes, we had no option but to write custom JavaScript code.

But things have changed with CRM 2016. We can now define business rules based on business processes just from the CRM UI. No code required.

Let’s look at how this could help us.

Consider a scenario where there are two business process flows on case entity: one is to capture local enquiries, and the other for international enquiries. A field on the form called ‘International Code’ should be visible to the user only when the selected process is Local enquiries. How do we do this?

How to Configure Business Rules Based on Business Process Flow

Simply create a new business rule and in the condition section, select the filter as ‘Business Process; and that’s it… we are done. No code required.

configure business rules

You can also create a business rule based on the stage of the business process as well. For example, when we are in the opportunity entity, we can actually show or hide fields on form based on which stage of the sales process we are in.

business rule opportunity dynamics crm 2