28 March, 2016
Manny Grewal

Set Up Proactive Chat with Parature

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Imagine being able to know that customers who are visiting your business website are not quite able to find what they were looking for. And before their desperation turns into frustration, what if you could [...]

11 March, 2016
Rolando Sacramento

Parature – Facebook Chat Configuration from Scratch

By |March 11th, 2016|0 Comments

Background When I started to study Parature, I struggled with enabling the Live Chat functionality from Facebook to Parature. The goal of this article is to help you enable Live Chat on the Facebook Portal even without [...]

29 February, 2016
Verdine Gow

Parature Basics: Customer Module

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Source/Copyright: Parature Before you start creating and assigning customer support tickets in Parature, it's a good idea to add some customers to get you started. The purpose of this blog post is to [...]

29 January, 2016
Verdine Gow

Parature Demo Setup for Microsoft Partners

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The best way to learn new software is to use it. I’ve heard a lot of talk around the office about Parature recently, so I decided to start ramping up my knowledge sooner than later. [...]