Capture Dynamics 365 Leads from Google Forms in 2 Steps


Last time, I discussed JavaScript customization through my blog posts here and here. Now let’s try some Dynamics 365 integration to capture leads.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can create a survey form or a customer inquiry form and capture the valuable information that our target leads would enter when they fill out these forms? Well, we can. And in my opinion, we must since it can be the backbone of our online marketing campaigns.

Google Forms are very easy to embed on WordPress websites through the use of WordPress plugins. There is a high chance that the website hosting our marketing campaigns is built on top of WordPress. If this is not the case, don’t worry since it can still be done with a little programming; however, it’s a whole new topic that we won’t discuss in this blog. What we will discuss, are the steps needed for us to capture the responses that we get from Google Forms and create some leads in Dynamics 365.

Let’s do this!

How to Capture Dynamics 365 Leads from Google Forms

First, we need to create our customer inquiry form or survey form in Google Forms and configure the response destination to be a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. We have here a customer inquiry form as a sample:

create customer inquiry form


We then configure this form by clicking the Responses tab.

click responses tab


On the Responses tab, there is a vertical ellipsis that we need to click.

responses tab


This will launch a menu. Click Select response destination.

select response destination


Select Create a new spreadsheet and enter the spreadsheet name. Click the CREATE button.

create a new spreadsheet


Once it’s in place, we can check the responses captured by the customer inquiry form on the spreadsheet.

contact information responses


As we can see, half of the work in capturing leads is already done for us. What we need to do now is to extract the information from the spreadsheet and put it in a Dynamics 365 Lead entity. To understand how to do that, there is a .NET Quickstart for Google Sheets here.

The next step would be to use the Dynamics 365 SDK library and create a lead in Dynamics 365 using the information that we will get from Google Sheets.

use dynamics 365 sdk library

That’s it! Nothing fancy. Just some configuration and some programming and we have integrated Google Forms and Google Sheets with Dynamics 365. I’ll be updating my GitHub repository with some sample codes that we can use to extract the data from Google Sheets spreadsheet and create a lead in Dynamics 365, so make sure to visit often. I’ll also be tweeting when the sample codes are already done so you can follow me on twitter @phoenixinobi.

If you have questions or any suggestions for my next blog post, please leave a comment and I’ll try my best to oblige. I’ll keep you posted, D365’ers.