crm online storage

Source: TechNet: Manage Storage for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Capacity Planning is an important part of Analysis and Design of any CRM Online project, even more so when migrating from on-premises. (Find out how to perform a quick and in-depth analysis of CRM on-premises disk usage in my earlier post: A Quick and In-depth Analysis of CRM Using Disk Usage by Table Report.)

CRM Online comes with 5 GB of initial storage, and for every 20 Professional licenses, it increases by 2.5 GB, up to 50 GB at no additional cost. Additional storage can be purchased separately per GB block. Storage is shared across production and Sandbox instances, therefore, plan accordingly when the intention is to migrate full data to multiple instances (e.g. PRD and UAT).

So, how do we calculate how much CRM Online storage will be available, and whether additional storage needs to be purchased? Enter this simple formula in Microsoft Excel, replacing X with the number of estimated Professional users. For example, 200 Professional users will result in 30 GB of Dynamics CRM Online storage.

= (X/20*2.5)+5

Please note that this is just a simple formula to help calculate additional storage for when the number of Professional users is greater than 20, and keep in mind the limit of 50 GB free storage.