In an agile project, we usually quickly build the prototype based on the user story. This is to get quick feedback from the stakeholder, whether the acceptance criteria of the user story and the expectation were met. This is in conjunction with the Agile Methodology psychology: fail-fast fail-often, to get a robust system in place.

One of the most common places that I touched during CRM customization in Agile projects is the form editing, as it gives direct impression of the changes to the user, while form layout is giving so much difference to the UX element of the system.

If you would like to read more on things to consider on designing UX with CRM system, you might want to read this article.

Now back to the main issue. This is a silly lesson learned when I didn’t pay attention to details. On an entity form, for any user with the privilege to customize the system, there is a button to open up the form editor.

dynamics crm form editor


Typically, it should not be a problem to do the layout changes from there for a quick update. Even I would still recommend to go from the solution anyway. Now the problem arose when I clicked the New Field button at the bottom.

dynamics crm new field button


Seriously, there shouldn’t be any harm, right? Well this time, agile became fragile. As I quickly created a text field to fit in the request from the feedback in a live run through session with the user, I didn’t pay attention to the prefix and solution name and just created the field straight away and then put it on the form. The layout looks good and the user is satisfied. The problem only arose when I got back to my desk to do more updates based on the user’s feedback. Apparently, I created the field directly under default solution and prefixed as “new_”, while we have our own solution with custom prefix. Luckily, no one has made any deployment yet, otherwise, I would have needed to do lots of clean-up exercise on this mess.

So to avoid this issue from happening, pay attention to the solution name that is displayed on the form editor:

dynamics crm form editor default solution


As well as the solution name and prefix on the field creation form:

dynamics crm form editor name field

Hope this helps!