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Nivedha has been focused on delivering Client Standard projects for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with different versions ranging from 2011 to 2016 for the past 4 years. She also has extensive experience on projects involving Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations (BizTalk, GP, Ventyx, Viryanet, Salesforce, CTI, etc.) and also has participated on Delivery projects involving CRM version upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3 to 2015. Through this, she has gained hands-on experience with CRM Extending using the .NET Framework and other technologies as well as client-side scripting.
19 May, 2017
Nivedha Kumar

Replicate Dynamics 365 Online Data to SQL Database Using Data Export Service

By |May 19th, 2017|0 Comments

Background Several times in the past, I was always troubled by the limitations of using Online because of the fact that you are unable to access the database. This causes certain restrictions specially on producing [...]

23 March, 2017
Nivedha Kumar

Enable Sitemap in Adxstudio

By |March 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Adxstudio has the built-in Sitemap to improve the portal SEO. Whilst using this for our client, they wanted to improve SEO. But other than the built-in enablement of the HTML sitemap, we had a difficulty [...]

3 February, 2017
Nivedha Kumar

Manage Configuration Data across CRM Environments

By |February 3rd, 2017|2 Comments

Ever had the difficulty to manage data across CRM Environments? One of our painful tasks right now is to deploy configuration data across different CRM Environments. Teams needed to test different tools to make this [...]

14 November, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

Perform In-Place Upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2015 to CRM 2016

By |November 14th, 2016|0 Comments

This month’s entry would be the last part of our CRM In-Place Upgrade journey. This would be for the latest version: Dynamics CRM 2015 to CRM 2016. Still, don’t forget to backup your files! Dynamics [...]

24 October, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

Perform In-Place Upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2013 to CRM 2015

By |October 24th, 2016|0 Comments

This month’s blog could is a continuation of my blog post last month. This is part of the instructional guide on how to perform an In-Place upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2016, and [...]

8 October, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

Perform In-Place Upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2013

By |October 8th, 2016|1 Comment

This series would be a step-by-step instructional guide on how to perform an In-Place upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2016. For this month’s entry, I will be featuring the first part which is to [...]

2 September, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

Reopen Closed Activities Using Bookmarklet

By |September 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Ever experienced accidentally completing or closing out an activity which you still need? Shocked that you don’t seem to see any Reactivate button? Yup, there isn’t. But how do you reopen closed activities? I have [...]

2 August, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

Generating Test Reports

By |August 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

While in the midst of closing our current engagement, I have come across a requirement wherein we had to provide the results of the End-to-End Testing we have performed. Tedious, right? That’s what I also [...]

2 July, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

ADX Cache Invalidate

By |July 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Having a hard time viewing your design changes in the Adxstudio Portal at once? Not being able to see theming effects after multiple cache deletion or manually recycling the application pool? ADX has a solution for [...]

8 June, 2016
Nivedha Kumar

Managing Web Resources in Dynamics CRM

By |June 8th, 2016|0 Comments

Having problems with managing numerous web resources within you Dynamics CRM Environment or wanting to upload multiple web resources at the same time? The Dynamics CRM SDK has provided help by using the Web Resource [...]