PowerBI is one of the selling factors when it comes to CRM reporting because of its efficient and convenient way of showing data. One of the coolest additions in Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1 is the ability to embed PowerBI Reports on your dashboard. What is more awesome about it is that it is quick and straightforward to set up!

Let’s see how we can achieve that.



  • CRM Online 2016 (Update 1)
  • PowerBI 0365 Subscription
  • Allow Power BI tile embedding set to YES
    • Go to Settings → Administration → System Settings → Reporting Tab.


Steps to Embed Dashboard

Please note you can choose to embed the whole PowerBI Dashboard or you can add the individual components/visuals in a dashboard.

PART 1: Embed whole PBI Dashboard

Step 1. Go to Dashboards.


Step 2. Create a new ‘Power BI Dashboard’.


Step 3. Assuming you already have PowerBI dashboard created and published, you should be able to see that in the dropdown menu under ‘Dashboard’.

*You can opt to enable this in mobile by ticking ‘Enable for Mobile’.


  1. Your PowerBI is now visible as a CRM dashboard!

PART 2: Embed Individual Component/Visualization

Step 1. Create new Dynamics 365 Dashboard.

Step 2. Click the ‘PowerBI tile’ or the icon inside the section.


Step 3. Select the tile you want to add to your dashboard.


Step 4. Your individual visualization is now visible in your CRM Dashboard!

custom powerbi visualization



PowerBI is great tool to display and analyze data in your CRM. Good thing in the latest Dynamics CRM Update, PowerBI can now be embedded in your CRM Dashboard in an easy and straightforward way!