Hello Readers!

With the launch of Dynamics 365, there seems to be a problem with Iinteractive Service Hub List and Global Search. When you try to search a knowledge article by keyword or title or any other field, you get ‘No Results Found’. This is what you see:

Interactive Service Hub - No Results on Searching KBs

Why is this happening?

Apparently, Microsoft Product Team forgot to add any search columns in the ‘Quick Find View’. 🙂


Go to settings > Customization > Entities > Knowledge Article > Views > Quick Find Views > Add Find Columns like keywords, title, etc.

Save & close; now publish all customizations.

Refresh your ISH and wait until all customizations are downloaded.

Now your search will work.

Following Screenshots might help:

refresh ISH


add find columns


Hope you find this helpful.

Happy CRMing !